When it comes to food manufacturing companies in South Africa, Cape Town is an established hub for the national production and distribution of produce and beverages.

In fact, Cape Town boasts some of South Africa’s largest companies in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. Add to this the creation of a proudly Cape Town branding campaign by the City and it’s no surprise that entities such as Wesgro have begun to strongly promote Cape Town food and beverage offerings on an international scale too. Not just to greater Africa, but the world at large.

Cape Town already boasts some of South Africa’s largest food and beverage manufacturing companies, making the city a well-established hub for the sector. This has contributed to the establishment of Cape Town as a forward-looking, globally competitive business city.” Ian Neilson (Deputy Mayor)

Investors and enterprises who invest or operate locally will find that they’ve joined a city that places great emphasis on sustainable, ethical food and beverage manufacturing. This is particularly pertinent in regards to scaling the supply chain to meet greater demand locally and abroad.

Food and beverage is now the largest of Cape Town’s manufacturing industries. It contributes 3.6% of Cape Town’s GVA and 4.1% of its formal employment. The industry has a metro location quotient of 1.3, meaning that it is relatively more important to Cape Town’s economy than it is to other metros (Project Camissa Report 2019). This is considered a comparative advantage industry for the city within South Africa.

Learn more about Cape Town’s food and beverage manufacturing industry at https://www.investcapetown.com/opportunities/food-beverage-manufacture/