Born into engineering

TRACT Consulting Engineers is active across South Africa and its founder is determined to help young engineers.

Idah Deka
Biography: Idah Deka (Professional Structural Engineer)

From an early age, Idah Deka sometimes joined her late land surveyor father at work in the mining towns where she was born and bred. Years later, as a youth, she took the leap to form TRACT Consulting Engineers. She says the word ‘’theodolite’’ formed part of her childhood vocabulary. Idah is a specialist Structural Design Engineer who has designed a wide range of complex structures such as warehouses, car showrooms, office blocks, cullet bunkers, structural steel for glass plants and shopping centres.

Her experience in complex commercial projects forms the foundation of TRACT Consulting Engineers. Idah is also passionate about tertiary education, holding positions in various institutions as well as co-founding an education-related NPO. The highlight of Idah’s career so far is the period when she was a Structural Design Engineer responsible for large-scale commercial projects. She says it is an opportunity she will always look back and smile upon as it afforded her the chance to learn exceptional structural engineering skills.

Aspirations and success

Idah has always been interested in the operations of a company, aspiring to be an operations manager. Being the founder of TRACT Consulting Engineers allows her to be involved in the management of the company while still being involved in project delivery. Idah’s advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs is to gain knowledge in business finance, among other skills. In TRACT’s first year, Idah had weekly sessions with TRACT’s accountant, who is also a tax practitioner. This has equipped her to keep track and be involved with TRACT’s accounting and tax-related issues.

She attributes her success to four things: skills, perseverance, strong family support and a strong network. “My immediate goal is to grow the company and create employment opportunities for young graduates. While working towards achieving my goals, I am mindful to enjoy every step of the process and not be destination orientated,” she says.

TRACT Consulting Mission

    • To grow the company and provide employment opportunities for skilled professionals and young engineers
    • To identify gaps in the engineering industry and provide innovative solutions
    • To provide cost-effective solutions to clients

Company history

TRACT Consulting Engineers is an 80% black female-owned company, Level 1 B-BBEE contributor, founded in June 2019. The company undertakes engineering consultancy services in various Civil Engineering disciplines.

In the time that TRACT has been in operation, great strides have been made and a commendable client base has been built.

The company has been actively involved in development projects in South Africa in both the public and private sectors. Services have been provided to private clients such as consulting engineering firms, manufacturers of transformers, mining companies, individuals, body corporates as well as to government. 

Contact details

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