Are process downtimes holding you back from achieving your production targets?

Harness the power of automation, remote monitoring, renewable energy, and more. SAKE Energy Solutions' comprehensive solutions are designed around your unique operational challenges.

The modern industrial landscape is evolving rapidly. Downtimes, energy losses, quality and efficiency hurdles shouldn’t hinder your progress. SAKE Energy Solutions recognizes these challenges and are primed to address them.

Our team is ready to assist with cutting edge customised solutions, including and not limited to:

Operation and Management Systems
  • Machinery Protection Software
  • Machinery Monitor System (condition monitoring)
  • Energy Management System
  • Operator Training System
  • Compressor Control System
  • Real-time Database
Monitoring and Optimisation software
  • Batch Management System
  • Alarm Management System
  • Loop Performance Management System
  • Standard Operation Automation System

Speak to one of our Automation Specialist to arrange for a site visit for a more detailed and applicable solution for you operation or process. Contact us at or +27 66 477 8078