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Founded in 2004, Global Africa Network Media (Pty) Ltd (GAN) is a business-to-business print and digital media company based in Cape Town, South Africa.


Global Africa Network produces three B2B digital offerings, each comprising a website and an email newsletter:

South African Business

South African Business showcases business news and opportunities in South Africa. Content is segmented for ease of reference by sector and region, including all 9 South African provinces and key sectors of the economy.

South African Business is complemented by a monthly email newsletter, South African Business, which highlights the latest business news, provincial insights and opportunities in South Africa.

Website: https://www.southafricanbusiness.co.za/

Global Africa Network

Global Africa Network showcases business news and opportunities in Africa and profiles Investment Projects, Special Economic Zones and other business news and opportunities relevant to business, trade and investment in Africa.

Global Africa Network is complemented by a monthly email newsletter, TradeInvestAfrica (established 2003), profiling direct investment opportunities in Southern Africa to an international audience.

Website: https://www.globalafricanetwork.com/

Blue Chip Digital

Blue Chip Digital sis a portal for the financial planning industry, and contains high-quality information from industry thought leaders on key topics of interest to financial planners.

Blue Chip Digital is complemented by a monthly email newsletter, Blue Chip Digital, which reaches all Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) in South Africa as well as other selected members of the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI).

Website: https://bluechipdigital.co.za/

Virtual Events

The SMME Virtual Roadshow is a virtual event aimed at providing SMMEs with information and advice on topics such as access to funding, access to markets, business revival, training and skills development, compliance and regulatory, technology support and guidance on running a business.

The SMME Virtual Roadshow is also segmented according to South Africa’s nine provinces, enabling the targeting of provincially-specific information to relevant audiences.

The SMME Virtual Roadshow takes the form of pre-recorded presentations and collateral from thought leaders in business and government.

Print Titles

Global Africa Network produces annual and quarterly print journals. These include:

  • an annual title for each of South Africa's nine provinces
  • an annual national title
  • four quarterly titles


The 10 South African titles each has a unique URL that points to the latest edition e-book:


Blue Chip

Blue Chip Journal has for over 10 years been the publication of choice for businesses wishing to market their products and services to the financial planning industry. Reaching all Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) as well as other selected members of the Financial Planning Institute (FPI), Blue Chip provides high-quality editorial coverage from industry thought leaders on key topics of interest to financial planners.

Blue Chip is an FPI-approved Continuous Professional Development (CPD) provider, allowing members of the FPI to earn CPD points through the journal, ensuring that it is a must-read for the financial planning community.

Visit the Blue Chip website at www.bluechipdigital.co.za


Opportunity magazine is a niche business-to-business publication that explores various investment opportunities within southern Africa’s economic sectors and looks to provide its readers with first-hand knowledge about South African business.

Opportunity also looks to present South African business to international markets that may have interests in investing in South Africa. The publication is endorsed by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

View the latest editions as e-books here.

Journal of African Business

The Journal of African Business is a quarterly publication offering the most effective way to reach the business and government communities throughout Africa.

Content covers economic and demographic overviews of Africa’s top economies (key resources, infrastructure, competitive advantages, business and investment environment and new developments); mega-cities and development corridors (Africa’s major economic hubs and key infrastructure projects); and sector overviews (statistics and analysis of Africa’s major economic sectors).

View the latest editions as e-books here.


Service magazine focuses on matters for relevance to all levels of government. Content covers banking and finance for the public sector, energy and construction, water technology and services, skills training, private public partnerships, telecommunications and IT, land reform, and matters pertaining to safety and security. Service is an intra-governmental channel of communication, and also provides business with an effective means of communicating with all levels of government.

The latest e-book versions can be found at www.gan.co.za.


Global Africa Network has the following technical expertise, intellectual property and capacity:

  • Electronic publishing expertise, including websites and electronic newsletters
  • Owns a unique database of over 50 000 African and international recipients, focused on trading partners, businesses, governments and investors
  • Extensive media experience, with an experienced team of editors, writers, production managers and designers covering both print and digital format
  • Directors Clive During and Chris Whales have extensive international experience, at the highest level, of electronic and print publishing

Empowerment Status

  • Global Africa Network is a Level 4 contributor to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment.

Central Supplier Database registration

  • Unique registration no: 601b7426-aae2-43c1-8292-77309a5af48
  • Supplier no: MAAA0020620

Enquiries: info@gan.co.za | +27 21 657 6200 | Contact us

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