Hydrogen Economy Discussion 2024

Resources for Africa is pleased to announce the fourth edition of the Hydrogen Economy Discussion taking place on 11th April 2024 at the Country Club Johannesburg, Auckland Park.

Hydrogen Economy Discussion (4th year) brings together all the key players, including mining companies, OEMs, investors, industry associations, hydrogen equipment suppliers, infrastructure providers and independent advisers, to debate the potential of the green hydrogen economy and its implications and opportunities for South Africa and the mining industry in particular.

Key subjects that will be discussed include:
  • What is the potential of green hydrogen to support South Africa’s energy security and transform its future energy mix?
  • What is the outlook for the supply and demand of green hydrogen?
  • What is South Africa’s strategy for driving the development of the green hydrogen economy?
  • What are the latest local, regional, continental and international collaboration initiatives on green hydrogen?
  • What is the potential role of PGMs in the development of the hydrogen economy?
  • What are the challenges of developing an infrastructure for hydrogen production, storage and transportation?
  • What opportunities exist for local and international funders to invest in the green hydrogen economy?
  • Who is developing green hydrogen projects in Africa and elsewhere?

And much more…

Find out more and book your seat at https://www.hydrogenindaba.com/other-indabas/hydrogen-economy-discussion-2024