Joint energy conference set to attract investors

Discover green energy investment opportunities at MCCI and STLM's Energy Conference, 25 July 2024 in the STLM Banquet Hall in Middelburg, Mpumalanga.

The Middelburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) and the Steve Tshwete Local Municipality (STLM) are jointly hosting an Energy Conference designed to attract investors interested in green energy opportunities.

What are the reasons for investing in Middelburg, Mpumalanga? Are there sustainable investment opportunities in the region? What can companies invest in?

Discover green energy investment opportunities at MCCI and STLM’s Energy Conference:

Governments, NGOs and researchers sometimes disregard the Highveld economy. Insufficient information prevents accurate scrutiny of national and international activities whereas with the correct information, it soon becomes clear that there are rich potential investment opportunities. The Steve Tshwete Local Municipality in Middelburg is home to three Eskom power stations and over 150 mines within a 100 km radius.

One of many local manufacturers is a top South African exporter and also supplies local manufacturers, such the motor industry. Between 1996 and 2020, companies in STLM contributed R48-billion to GDP, an increase of 2%. In 2022, the coal industry employed 90 977 people and generated a turnover of R252.3-billion with a production of 231.2-million tons.

The Just Energy Transition

If you talk about electricity or coal mining in this region, people immediately dismiss it as a national responsibility, and it is assumed that people in the region should not have an opinion. The impact of the Just Energy Transition (JET) on the Highveld region in Mpumalanga is being ignored and is ineffective.

JET projects continue. An example is the repurposing of the Komati power station. Government and big business have recognised that the repurposing of Komati has been a failure but JET organisations are failing to learn lessons from the Komati project. JET supports consultants and non-profit organisations in Mbombela, Gauteng and Cape Town through grants for research projects. These organisations have no interest in the Mpumalanga Highveld and their projects have limited effect.

MCCI President Moeketsi Mpotu said at the AGM of the organisation in March 2024 that local businesses need to be the voice of reason. The current JET strategy will have a negative impact on STLM and Emalahleni businesses, including all businesses that supply, transport, export and provide services from the Gauteng region.

What does STLM offer investors?

Agriculture, manufacturing, mining and power generation are our strongest sectors. Creditors are better paid by Middelburg’s businesses, with a rate of over 60%. Our per-capita reserve of technical skills is one of the highest in Africa. Skilled artisans and engineers are in abundance in our community.

In addition, STLM has:
  • A designated economic zone in Mpumalanga
  • Available land for manufacturers (working on opportunities to serve new investors)
  • One of the top four performing municipalities in the country
  • Consistent economic growth for decades


One hour’s drive from the industrial areas of Gauteng. Airfield is able to (and does) host jet aircraft. Middelburg is at the junction of the N4, N12, N11, R104 and R555, bypassing any blockage on the N3 to Durban harbour or to the Zimbabwe border.

The MCCI has a rich history since 1903 of engaging businesses worldwide and has insights into local business intelligence.

Energy & Investment Conference

We invite you to our conference on 25 July 2024 in the STLM Banquet Hall.

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