NYDA committed to address challenges faced by the nation’s youth

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) doors remain open to any individual or institution who is committed to giving young people the hand-up they crave. 

The NYDA recognizes that South Africa’s youthful population presents an opportunity to boost economic growth, increase employment and reduce poverty. It also recognizes that young people bear the brunt of unemployment and provide young people with broader opportunities which must be sought. 

It proposes the strengthening of youth service programmes and the introduction of new, community-based initiatives to offer young people life skills training and entrepreneurship training. The NYDA has achieved 100% of its targets for the year 2023/2024 and anticipates achieving another clean audit once audit is completed by September 2024.  

Recent statistics paint a grim picture, however, there remains slight encouraging signs such as the overall increase of jobs and a movement of discouraged work seekers to active work searchers. Only through a social compact of all sectors of society can our ambitious goals be achieved. The NYDA doors remain open to any individual or institution who is committed to giving young people the hand-up they crave. 

NYDA achievements for the year 2023/24 

  • A total of 2 200 youth owned enterprises were supported with financial interventions and target met and exceeded due to the interest that young people have shown in the Programme and the NYDA willing to assist and support these young people.
  • A total of 43 163 young people were supported with non-financial business development interventions and target met and exceeded due to collaborations with local municipalities and provinces that we have MOU’s in place.
  • Jobs that were created and sustained through supporting entrepreneurs and enterprises were 7 319 and target met and exceeded due to the Grant programme that was oversubscribed by young people and the interest shown by them. 
  • A total of 1 203 beneficiaries supported with business Development Support Services offered to young people by NYDA and the overachievement was due to partnership and Service Level Agreement established with FASSET to implement the project with 3 Universities: University of Pretoria, University of Free State and University of KwaZulu-Natal. 
  • A total of 55 549 young people were capacitated with skills to enter the job market, through Life Skills and Job Preparedness and target met and exceeded due to a number of young people who shown interest in life skills and job preparedness offered by NYDA. 
  • A total of 24 307 young people placed in jobs met and exceeded due to partnership established because of intensive focus on partnerships which increased the number of jobs for young people to be placed. 

Revitalized Youth Service

Ten projects were contracted under the NYS program, all in various stages of implementation. By the end of March 2024, a total of 22,306 participants had obtained paid service opportunities. Among them, 18,115 participants had finished community service, while 4,357 young people had successfully transitioned into other income-generating opportunities.

The NYDA conducted a successful recruitment roadshow for the second cohort of the NYS program, targeting underserved communities across several provinces. This initiative enhanced the program’s visibility and engagement. 

The Young Creatives Program (TYCP) is a collaboration with the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture led to the enrolment of 270 young creatives in the NYS program, providing them with opportunities in Community Arts Centres. This program is set to extend through to March 2025, with R13 608 000 (Thirteen Million Six Hundred and Eight Thousand Rand) allocated by the department to support it. 

The report outlines the number of young people that participated in the Expanded National Youth Service over the year. Quarterly data shows fluctuations, with a notable increase in participation in the second quarter. For the period under review, we reported 16339 young people contributing to the unit meeting and over-achieving this specific target for 2023/24. The NYS unit primarily focused on voter education and activities initiated by partners. Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) enrolled in the incubation program played a crucial role in implementing NYS Expanded Volunteer Projects (EVP), contributing significantly to the target of youth participation in the expanded volunteer program. 

Impact of the program 

  • At an individual level, participants received comprehensive training packages that included technical skills, professional development, emotional intelligence, and patriotism. These trainings aimed to prepare them for future employment and self-sufficiency. 
  • At the community level, the NYS participants contributed to their local economies and communities by engaging in various activities such as waste removal, child safety, and food security programs. The presence of NYS participants helped raise awareness and support community initiatives. 

BRICS Youth 

The NYDA held a successful inaugural meeting of the BRICS Youth Council in December 2023 which approved a strategy document for the term of office of the Council. South Africa officially handed over the Chair of BRICS and the Council to Russia. 

The Executive Chairpersons Office has established a BRICS South Africa Youth Chapter whose views will continue to feed into the BRICS Youth Council. 

NYDA Amendment Bill 

  • The NYDA Board and Management fully participated in the Committee meetings for the NYDA Amendment Bill during the third quarters which has ultimately resulted in recommendations of the Bill to the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces. The Bill has been recommended by the NCOP and the Bill has been sent to the President for signing into law. The NCOP Select Committee has met with the Department of Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities and has no fundamental challenges with the bill. 
  • The Board expresses its appreciation to management and all employees for their efforts, oversight and support in achieving satisfactory performance through another clean audit outcome. We look forward to a better year ahead as we place youth at the front and centre of the economic recovery.

Visit NYDA online: https://www.nyda.gov.za/