An Energy One Stop Shop has been launched

The Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic), through InvestSA, has launched the Energy One Stop Shop.

The aim is to fast-track all applications for energy projects in South Africa. Previously, independent power producers trying to lodge an application to create a power plant were subjected to 12 separate authorisation processes and long delays. The focus will be on renewable energy projects and the programme will be rolled out in four phases by InvestSA.

The first phase, launched in 2023, allows for online registration of energy projects and a tracking device to show how that project is advancing along the line towards approval. The programme managers are mandated to work with all the relevant government departments and agencies to streamline the process.

The initiative simplifies the administrative procedures for issuing business approvals, permits and licences and thereby removes bottlenecks that delay the addition of megawatts to the grid, a national priority. This shows that the state is taking steps to support small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) power projects (under schedule 2 of the Electricity Regulation Act) to realise energy security and to support efforts to decarbonise South Africa’s economy.

Business support

Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) and several other organizations collaborating with the government to address the country’s energy crisis welcome the Energy One Stop Shop (EOSS) initiative. The EOSS is a response to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s 2022 announcement of an Energy Action Plan, which led to the establishment of the National Energy Crisis Committee (NECOM). NECOM, a high-level group comprising ministers and state officials interfacing with business CEO champions and organized business executives, prioritising among other interventions the initiation of the EOSS.

The EOSS platform is designed to expedite the deployment of energy projects, aligning with the recently amended Schedule 2 of the Electricity Regulation Act. The EOSS as a collaborative effort aims to provide business support and contribute to resolving the energy challenges in South Africa.

Key functions of the EOSS

First and foremost, the EOSS exists to provide a single-window-facilitation process for energy projects and to shorten timeframes for project approvals by expediting, fast-tracking and removing blockages. Other functions include: be a conduit between developers and departments; provide technical support and advisory services; provide a link with private sector and industry associations; act as an escalation mechanism; and engage in advocacy.

Facts and figures

  • 24 priority projects, 2 121 MW
  • 114 projects in total, 16 859 MW

These projects include 83 solar PV projects and 14 wind farms but also include newer technologies and hybrids such as solar PV with battery storage, vanadium battery projects and BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems). Eskom’s Hex BESS was launched near Worcester in November 2023.

Contact details

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Lester Bouah, Chief Director: Investment Mobilisation
Head: Energy One Stop Shop (EOSS)

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