better. bellville. together. place-making initiative shifts into next gear

The better. bellville. together. initiative, a pioneering effort dedicated to revitalising the Bellville region through community engagement, business investment, and sustainable practices, is gaining momentum.

Overview of new better. bellville. together. garden in Bellville

The better. bellville. together. initiative, a pioneering effort dedicated to revitalising the Bellville region through community engagement, business investment, and sustainable practices, is gaining momentum.

The project is funded by the City of Cape Town through its Economic Growth Directorate, and administered by The Greater Tygerberg Partnership (GTP).

better. bellville. together. infrastructure team – taking care of the new garden in Bellville

The initiative focuses on economic growth by leveraging community assets, infrastructure, and services to create safer, cleaner, and more attractive public spaces. This, in turn, promotes the region’s well-being and investment opportunities. Alderman James Vos, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Growth, said that since its launch last year, the campaign has already made significant strides in fostering economic development, community cohesion, and environmental sustainability in Bellville.

“The success of the better. bellville. together. initiative has demonstrated the remarkable potential of community-driven projects to effect positive change. As we move forward, our focus remains on connecting residents, businesses, and visitors in Bellville to create a vibrant place to live, work, and visit,” said Vos.

The initiative has played a crucial role in driving significant business input and investments to the Bellville region, resulting in the creation of 39 new jobs. This represents a substantial step towards economic growth and employment opportunities in the area.

According to Warren Hewitt, CEO of GTP, the collaborative efforts of the community, businesses, and government agencies have been crucial in creating a cleaner, safer, and investor-friendly environment in Bellville.

“The initiative has laid a strong foundation for the project’s upcoming endeavours, and this ongoing partnership will continue to play a pivotal role in the success of the better. bellville. together. programme as it moves forward with its ambitious plans,” he said.

Achievements so far include installations across strategic nodes in the Bellville CBD, featuring newly planted gardens, freshly painted murals, ongoing waste education programmes, separation bins, and the successful implementation of the Zero Waste Traders Trial campaign. Participating traders have been empowered with eco-friendly packaging solutions and information to reduce their environmental footprint while meeting customer needs.

Left to right – Candice Mostert the Waste to Resource Project Manager for better. bellville. together. Warren Hewitt, CEO at GTP, and Alderman Jame Vos on far right at the waste seperation station at the PTI, Bellville

A cleaner, greener, and better Bellville

Continued emphasis will be placed on driving the local circular economy, where products are reused or recycled instead of filling up landfills.

“This sector, as reported by the City’s green economy Special Purpose Vehicle, GreenCape, has the potential to add up to R5-billion in value to Cape Town’s economy each year. Additionally, there will be targeted interventions aimed at further engaging the community and building on the momentum generated during the initial launch,” said Vos.

Waste to Art at the Bellville PTI

The better. bellville. together. team will also continue to work closely with local businesses and the Zero Waste Traders Trial Campaign, providing support and resources to help them embrace sustainable practices in their daily operations.

The perfect partnership

Partner businesses like NUDE FOODS, Brights Hardware Boston, SPAR Boston, Tyger Valley Shopping Centre, the South African Police Service, MES, VRCID and other City departments have already supported the initiative.

Highlighting the collaborative nature of the initiative, Vos noted, “The success of the better. bellville. together. initiative is a testament to the power of partnership and community engagement. By working together, we can create further job and investment opportunities and a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous future for all residents of Bellville.”

By continuing to harness the collective energy and enthusiasm of the community, the better. bellville. together. team is actively building on the momentum generated during the initial phase and will take this initiative to new heights.

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