Local roads contractor awarded Zimele loan

Venetia Mine’s enterprise development arm Zimele continues to lend a hand to small and medium enterprises, helping them to grow.

With a little help from Zimele, small civils and road construction company based in Alldays, Mmamoruanare Construction Projects, has seen its fortunes soar over the past year.

Director, Peter Sello Kobe, founded the company in 2010 when he began to explore the world of construction and to pursue his passion. He then applied for a SMME Development Programme through
Hillary Construction (Pty) Ltd, which assisted with sub-contracts in various major projects.

Last year, the company was awarded a three-year contract for the repair and maintenance of both the D2692 and R521 roads that connect Alldays to Musina. The supplier, who had previously been providing
construction services on an ad-hoc basis to contractors at Venetia Mine, has now successfully completed all projects on schedule and according to agreed quality standards, which has – in turn – earned him a
36-month contract.

In contributing to local employment, the supplier has provided full-time employment opportunities to 24 people from our local communities. Mmamoruanare Construction also received financial support in a form of a soft loan in order to assist with buying a brand new vehicle, machinery such as concrete mixer, concrete cutter, a double drum roller and a rollmac trailer.

In commenting about what the loan means for him, Kobe said, “I am incredibly relieved because I will no longer have to spend a lot of money on hiring equipment and machines. Now that I have my own assets, I am able to save some money – all thanks to Venetia Mine”.

Kobe continues to receive mentorship through the De Beers Supplier Development programme, which enables him to manage his business efficiently and sustainably.