Groundbreaking event will drive meaningful transformation of South Africa’s residential property market

The RESIDE Conference will feature practical case studies, roundtable discussions and keynote presentations from global and local experts and thought leaders.

The CEO of the South African Institute of Black Property Practitioners (SAIBPP), Kululwa Muthwa, says that South African property stakeholders need to collaborate more in order to drive meaningful transformation of the country’s residential property sector.

“To make the residential property market reflective of the demographic of South Africa, we need more platforms that bring relevant stakeholders together to engage meaningfully and to decisively agree on the elements required to drive inclusive participation and transformation,” Muthwa says.

To this end, the SAIBPP is supporting and participating in the upcoming inaugural Residential Investment & Development (RESIDE) Conference. The event takes place on the 12th and 13th of July 2023 and will see government agencies, asset managers, operating entities, investors, brokers, banks, consultants, and service providers come together to unpack new opportunities in the social and affordable housing, student, retirement, co-living and multi-family residential spaces. Hosted by SmartXchange (a division of Commerce Edge South Africa), this is South Africa’s first and only multisector residential investment and development conference and exhibition. It has been launched in response to the country’s massive housing shortage and high urbanisation rate, according to the organisers.

According to the Parliamentary Monitoring Group, South Africa is urbanizing rapidly.  Already, 63% of the population lives in urban centers, and the figure is expected to rise to 71% by 2023. There is an urgent need to find solutions to the issue of housing shortage. This event will engage key stakeholders, in both government and private sectors to come together and create tangible solutions.

“As SAIBPP we believe that a platform of this nature will contribute to the broader conversation of creating a successful and inclusive residential property market for all South Africans.

Existing barriers such as financing, regulation, affordability of housing and the cost of doing business in the sector continue to slow down the pace of transformation and they need to be addressed,” asserts Muthwa.

The RESIDE Conference will feature practical case studies, roundtable discussions and keynote presentations from global and local experts and thought leaders. SmartXchange chairperson and CEO Debbie Tagg explains that the event’s objectives include enabling private players to achieve ‘Housing for All’; reducing development costs in the South  African economy; capacitating the state for faster project approvals and policy implementation; formalising the industry value chain and ecosystem; and unlocking equity and debt funding.

By bringing together the entire residential value chain to share knowledge, collaborate and do business, the event aims to mitigate risk. “Pricing models will be unpacked and experts will share their experiences and insights with attendees,” Tagg says.

The industry leaders that will be speaking at the RESIDE Conference include Alison Tshangana, head of research and market intelligence at the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance; Bruce Gordon, CFO of the National Housing Finance Corporation; Africrest Properties director Grant Friedman; Erwin Rode, CEO of Rode Property Consultants and Valuers; Busi Nzo, chairperson of the Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA); Chris Campbell, CEO of Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) and SAIBPP president Sylvester Martin.

The compelling presentations on the programme include one focusing on the state’s plans to enable and facilitate housing for all, and to attract capital and investment into housing development. This presentation will examine whether policy, investment and collaboration are the answer to closing the housing gap, and whether housing for all is just a pipe dream. The government has in the past committed to building 5 million houses for the underprivileged, as a way to provide housing for all. However, it is yet to be seen if this can be achieved.

The transformation of the housing market through innovation, technology and sustainable living is also in the spotlight at the RESIDE Conference. With 61% of buildings in South Africa being green, we are seeing more and more residential developers going the sustainability route. Modern construction methods and technologies, and innovative, sustainable building materials and techniques are on the agenda, with experts discussing whether they are viable or just “sexy”. Mitigating logistics and supplier challenges will also be addressed.

In a not to be missed panel discussion, industry specialists will discuss the sectors that are proving to be the rising stars in housing and investment. The panelists will share their insights and advice for investors seeking to untap the residential sector as a viable asset class. Investors, financiers, private and public sector role players will have the opportunity to learn and share knowledge on  profitability and risk, and to look at how bankable housing projects can be accelerated through innovative partnerships and incentive schemes.

The RESIDE Conference takes place at Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg. The industry leaders that have partnered with SmartXchange as event partners include SHRA, National Housing Finance Corporation (NHFC), CESA, SAIBPP, the South African Association of Consulting Professional Planners (SAACPP) and the South African Insurance Association (SAIA).

To find out more about tailor made sponsorship and partnership opportunities at the 2023 Residential Investment & Development Conference, contact Debbie Tagg by emailing